My Pandora Collection

Hello everybody!!

So I know that recently i have been a bit M-I-A, but I have decided to start posting a blog again. Every single Thursday. And if I miss a week, then you will get two the next week!

Recently me and a lot of my friends have sparked interest in a jewellery brand named ‘Pandora’. I have collected many Pandora things over the past 2 or three years and i wanted to share everything with you.

Going in order the first thing I have is the February Birthstone ring (amethyst). I love this ring because it is stackable and it is such a gorgeous colour. I’m born in Feb, so this ring was a Christmas present and I wanted something that was personal to me.

The next thing is the Sparkling Leaves Silver ring. I adore this ring with my birthstone ring, and I really think that it is such a gorgeous contrast with the black and the silver (two-toned) metals.

Next I have the Basic Bubble ring. I wear this ring all the time and I really wanted a ring that you could just wear and you didn’t have to stack it with anything. it also looks super gorgeous with all the other rings I have.

The Princess Tiara ring is a must have in my collection. I LOVE this ring and I wear it so often on the weekends. It looks stunning with any of my other rings, and the diamond on the crown part of the ring is so so so so pretty. I also like how it has the basic bubble ring around the outside, so when you wear it itself, it looks like an instant stack.

Now I have a Pandora Bangle which is just the Silver Bangle Bracelet. I love this one but I don’t have many charms, so when I wear it, I feel like its a bit big. I wish I had gotten the smaller size but the shop assistant kind of pushed me into the bigger size. I really like how it looks on though, bit if you don’t want many charms, go for the smaller size, which I think is a 17!

I have two charms that go on that bracelet. The first one is a February Signature Heart  charm. This one is really pretty and it matches my birthstone ring really nice. I also like how it has the smaller amethyst in the centre.

Lastly I have the Disney Collection Minnie’s Portrait Charm. I have always loved Disney and Mickey and Minnie Mouse, so I thought that this charm suited my personality perfectly. I also think that this is such a cute charm!

So thats the blog post for today. Next Thursday I will actually be in New Zealand, so I am doing lots and lots of prewriting for you all!

until next time lovelies,

ella XX

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Disclaimer: I don’t mean to brag, this is purposefully for the enjoyment and to inform people of the jewellery I own. this is a unsponsored post, and all opinions are my own❤



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