Natural Everyday Makeup Routine

Hello everybody!

So I recently got a request to do an everyday makeup routine (obviously when your not at school)! I thought I would give it a go, but just remember, I’m not a makeup/beauty guru in any way!! haha!

Primer- So first you are going to wanna start with a base for your foundation. I recommend something super light weight and easy to blend out. You can use high end ones, but when you are 14 and are pretty poor, drugstore is about as good as its gonna get. RIMMEL Lasting Finish Primer, is super affordable and so good. It really allows your makeup to stay on your skin all day.


Foundation or BB cream- You can go two ways with this. I usually go the BB cream road, because it is a lot more light weight and not as cakey, but if foundation is what you want, go for it! I use the GARNIER BB Cream, this is really good and it actually has SPF in it which  is a bonus. BB cream, is a tinted moisturiser, so it has lots of benefits as well as covering up any blemishes or imperfections.


Brushes- For blending you can use a beauty blender, or a brush, or just your fingers. If you are going to use a brush I would recommend ECOtools. These brushes are only around $8, and they are an amazing, good quality brand of brushes. Beauty blenders are really good too, and that’s what I use. They usually make you look a lot more airbrushed. However, just make sure to dampen then by putting them underwater to get the effect. There are ones from K-Mart for $4, which is supper cheap and affordable.


Concealer- This goes on over the top of your foundation on any blemishes or under your eyes. There are some really expensive concealers and if you want to spend a bit more on one that actually works extremely well, I would recommend the MAYBELLINE Fit Me Concealer. This is around $15 but I have heard that it works so well. However ESSENCE is a great brand to use and it is super affordable. I use the ESSENCE Cover Stick. This is good because you can build it up, and it is only $4.10! Again, just blend it in with a beauty blender, or a brush. (You can use your fingers but it tends to not blend in as well!)


Powder- Using a pressed powder when you first start wearing makeup is the best because you don’t have powder flying everywhere and going all over your clothes. I use the RIMMEL London Stay Matte Pressed Powder. You guys know I love this, because I always am talking about it. I use a big fluffy brush to blend this in. I use one from the body shop, but again ECOtools is great. This just makes sure that the powder is evenly distributed all around your face. Just make sure you don’t put to much on, so you don’t look like you have just dunked your head in flour!! The RIMMEL one is around $7!!


Blush- You can use a cream or powder blush. But I think its easier using a cream blush. To apply it, I smile, put 2 finder on one side of my nose, and draw a line of blush to my temples. I blend this in with my fingers, because it tends to stay on better. This stops you looking like a ghost and adding some colour to your face. I use the CLINIQUE Chubby Stick. But that is $50, however, I did get a free sample. So I did some research and I found that the MODELS PREFER Cream Blush Stick is only around $9, and it has some pretty good reviews.


Eyes- Your eyes can add so much to your look! Make sure to prime them with concealer or your primer that you used for your face. You are going to want a light nude colour all over your lid, this can be matte or shiny. Using a sparkly white colour on the inner corner is really good and makes you look so much more awake. The pallet I use is the SPORTSGIRL Eye Like It pallet. This has everything, in it (matte and shiny). The brush I use is the MODELS PREFER Double Eyeshadow brush. Curl you eyelashes and then apply mascara. I use the ESSENCE Lash and Brow gel Mascara, which is just clear. This just adds volume to your eyelashes and makes them so much longer, it’s kind of like a base coat for your mascara. For mascara it really depends, I usually use the COVERGIRL Flamed Out Mascara. This is great and is only around $13.

image (2).jpeg



Brows- Again, using the ESSENCE Lash and Brow gel Mascara in Clear, I just use this to fill the shape of my eyebrows, and make them stay in place.

Lips- Lastly lips. I use just a clear lip balm or a lightly tinted one. The clear one I use is by NIVEA, and it is the Hydro Care SPF 15 balm. It is about $4 and is super hydrating. For the tinted one I use the MAYBELLINE Baby Lips, in the shade Pink Lolita, or in Berry Crush.



So thank-you all for reading today. Sorry this was such a long one. Hope you don’t mind. Let me know if there is any other requests in the comments.

until next time lovelies,

ella XX

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