4 healthy food hacks!!

Hello everybody!!

So I’ve learnt that the trick to eating healthy is to have one sweet on a weekend! So I have done my research and I think that you should all try out dome of these because i know I will be!

This baking trick is a life saver! I know that eggs aren’t unhealthy, but replacing them with bananas while baking makes any recipe so much healthier, (and yummier, like BANANA!!) To replace eggs in chewy baked goods, like brownies, use one reap mashed banana for every egg the recipe calls for.

Use greek yogurt instead of sour cream! Don’t knock it down ’till you try it! Replacing sour cream with plain greek yogurt in dips and sauces cuts the calories in HALF!! Stick with 2% yogurt or nonfat, and use the same amount that you would’ve with the sour cream.

Use avocado instead of mayo!! Everyone (well most people) love avocado. So avocados are packed with healthy fats and they are super creamy, you can even put them in smoothies!! I know, WIERD! So try using one in your recipes instead of mayo. If you are not into avos, I’ve heard that hummus does the trick too!!

Use apple sauce instead of butter and eggs. OK, I’ve gotta admit when I heard this one I don’t know how much healthier apple sauce is then butter, but I had some googling and I found that if you get the sauce with no added sugar then it will be a bit healthier. PLUS, its preservative free!! This hack works especially well with baked goods like banana bread and muffins, because the apple sauce makes the final product super moist and yummy! It’ll make your desserts so much healthier with out taking the taste! YAY!!

Well that’s it for today everyone, I hope you all have a happy Friday (more like fri-yay).

until next time lovelies,

ella XX

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