Drink more water!

Hello everybody!

If you measured my water level intake, I’m pretty sure it would be at around 500MLS everyday. Thats pretty shocking! Especially when you should be drinking at least 1-2L a day!! I have always struggled with this, so I have started to think of more ways to drink water. It’s not that I find water tasteless or boring, it’s just the I never really have that over whelming ‘OMG I’m so thirsty’ feeling. I have a number of different methods I like to use when it comes to drinking water throughout the day, including apps and those water bottles with lines to say where you should be up to corresponding with the time of the day. So thanks to Pinterest, I have found ways of drinking more water and being more healthy. Fruit infused water has not only become a staple all year round, but it also totally looks picture perfect, AND it has natural antioxidants!! It’s a win-win! So here are some recipes for delicious water, that you are going to be sipping away at.

Strawberry and Basil- This one is one of my favourites for sure, you wouldn’t think that basil would taste good in water, but surprisingly it does! It really cuts through the sweetness of the strawberries.

Lemon, cucumber and mint- This one is absolutely my fav. If you leave it to sit in your fridge over night, it infuses more, flushing impurities out of your system,

Raspberry and mint- My motto is anything with mint in water will make it taste better, but just don’t leave the raspberries in it to long, otherwise it will go a bit funky.

Lime and blueberry- These two from a lovely sweet and zesty flavour that will leave you wanting more and more.


Well there you go, there is four recipes that will make you drink more and more water. There is also the plain “just lemon” but I find it is more fun when there is different ingredients involved.

Have a great week everyone.

until next time lovelies,

ella XX

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