Hello again!

Hello everybody! 

So recently I have been away at my school camp, and on school holidays so I haven’t been able to post a blog in over A MONTH! 😦 I know, worst blogger award 🙂 

So today I am heading out with my aunty and, unfortunately have to clean up my room! So I thought I would give you some tips on cleaning your rooms!

Put on music- this really helps and you can make cleaning the new dance party 🙂 

Start in 1 corner- if you start in one corner and make your way around the room, it won’t seem as messy! 

Make piles- I make piles of things where they need to go, for instance I make a pile of “need to go” and “washing” and “put away” this makes it easier and you can take things away in 1 go! 

Well there is only 3 tips, but I just thought I would have a chat to you about where I have been! 

until next time lovelies,

ella XX


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