How to: redecorate your room!!

Hello lovelies,

I am so incredibly sorry for the lack of blogs I have been posting lately! I’ve been so off my game, (I don’t like it)! So today I thought I would give you some tips on redecorating your room! I’m going to make this a little mini series, a how to: kind of thing!

Start fresh: start out doing a full clean out of your room, organise you cupboard (or closet), draws, under your bed, and any where else you can think of. Make 3 piles, one for keep, one for donating, and one for rubbish.

Planning: once organisation is done, think about what needs to be done to your room, painting walls (if your parents allow!), getting new furniture, new blinds or curtians, and anything along those lines.

Pick a theme: something that resembles YOU! If you like purple, go with all different shades of purple. Dark purple comforter, lavender walls, and other splashes of different shades around the room! Don’t go with anything to dark for the walls as it makes your room feel smaller. Try to pick a medium to light, or even pastel covered walls.

Furniture: after you have all your plans and a theme, think of some new thints you would like to add, and write them down. If your using your own money, think and use logic. Don’t spend $80 on a new bedspread, and $20 on a desk.

Purchasing: try and find the lowest prices possible, Kmart, and Target are great places to purchase cheap thing. If you want your room to be quality and last, go to places like IKEA! If you are on a low budget you can always rearrange the furniture in your room, this can make it look brand new!

room decor: adding room decor will enhance your room and Gove it more comfy and cozy look. 🙂

So that’s it for this week loves, be sure to check out BELLEFEVER, for personalised jewellery.

Have a fantastic rest of the week, (not that there’s much left of it!!)

until next time lovelies,

ella XX


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