How to treat a best friend?!

Hello everybody!!

Today I’m going to be talking about how to treat a best friend. So recently it was one of my best friends birthday *cough cough* Tahlia!! We are both extremely close and I think that she’s a keeper!! So I thought I’m going to tell you how to treat a bestie right!!

  1. Be there for them! Don’t be the one to always push them down, build them up!! This one is probably one of the most important ways to treat a bestie!
  2. Listen to them! If they want to rant their hearts out to you, listen to them!! You want someone to rant to, so let them take their vent out, it will feel better if they do, for your sake, and theirs.
  3. Best friends go out of their way for the people they care about the most. You can often tell who your real friends are, by asking them something, like keeping a secret. True friends will keep that promise.
  4. Be reliable, when they need you there, be there. You would want them to do the same.
  5. Except their flaws!! Dont expect PERFECTION from anyone. Don’t expect them to always be there as well. Remember they have their own life as well. Don’t be to clingy.
  6. Have their back! Knowing you can trust one another is the most important thing!
  7. And last but not least, take photos for them!! I can not tell you the amount of times that I have said, hey take a photo of this is I can post it on Instagram! That is the true friend one, if you have a photoshoot in eachothers company.

Well thats it for today! I know it’s a short one, but I have to go watch the Voice ok!

Also I wanted to mention that I received a birthday gift, it was a named necklace, (it obiously said Ella). It is the prettiest gift I have ever received and I haven’t taken it off since.

If you want to buy one this link is below! You should go check them out!

until next time lovelies,

ella XX



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