Autumn Essentials

Hello everybody!!

Today I have decided to do an Autumn Essentials, even though autumn is nearly over!! I wish I had a photo of me standing over all my essentials.. so sophisticated. There are so many things that come to mind when i think of autumn, most I have included here.The nights are getting darker and colder and this means more cosy blanket nights.. which you won’t see me complaining about that.

Around this time of year i have started looking at my skin more, they are very easily getting more and more dry, as the weather dries out. So I always now put hand cream on every night before bed. The one I like to use is the choose chi chi watermelon hand cream. In autumn I also see the number of baths I have has risen. I’m defiantly a bath person!! I like a good bath one to two times a week. I usually put a bubble bath in when i have a bath, or a nice bath salt. I also burn a lot more candles in the autumn months. Let’s face it, theres nothing more pleasing than relaxing with a nice smelling candle, when its all rainy and cold outside.

Along with all of the above, its nice to get dolled up every now and again. I think gold eye lids are perfect for those nights when you go out with your family or just want to experiment with some makeup. The eye pallet I like to use is the sportsgirl eye like it pallet. There’s no harm in going darker in the nails as well. That’s why I love the OPI plum colour nail polish, it is a gorgeous shade of plum colour. I also love a nice blanket, I love the one from IKEA, its a gorgeous tiffany blue colour with some frills on the end. Quickly I also love a nice warm drink. I absolutely love the Arkadia Chai tea vanilla, and the madura loose leaf green tea! They are one of the most delicious things EVER!!

Well thats all from me today!! Sorry about last week.. I didn’t really have the motivation to do the Blog… and i think you have to be extremely motivated and WANT to do a blog to be able to write a good quality post!!

until next time lovelies,

ella XX



3 thoughts on “Autumn Essentials

  1. Your whole blog is so so cute, and I love this post so much. It’s funny, because it’s spring where I live, but it’s so fun to think about other seasons. You’re clearly very talented, and if you would ever want to collab or something let me know 🙂

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