Hello again!!

Today I have decided to talk about lazerzone! Why, you may ask, well I went to a party there on the weekend, (happy birthday georgia!) and had a blast!

Todays blog post is just going to be a recap on what we did and you know how it all went down.

So I was there at lazerzone and we where all waiting for everybody to arrive. As everybody walked in you all looked stunning! We went into the mission brief (which lets be real, who actually listens to it?), split into 2 teams and away we go. The lights turned off and the smoke came out, and it was on! The red team (who we didn’t know) got really, well let’s say angry, when we shot them. The sweatier we got the more we got exhausted.

We then had a break which consisted of the lazer game. You split into partners (I was with Viv) and swipe the red lasers and not hit the green. The room STANK of smoke and I thing everyone came out coughing!!

We then went in for another mission which was solo, but you still had those alliances going. So really you didn’t shot anyone that wasn’t shooting you. Well, maybe you did 🙂

After our game we had games of tokens. We where all playing and eating pizza and them boom. I hear screaming, I look over my shoulder to find Alannah winning the jackpot (which was 200 tickets). After our many rounds of pizza we went in for 1 final mission. The red team really hated us this time. Everybody basically ganged up on them.

We returned to more game as Vivienne, gets jackpot on the same game as Lani (another 200 tickets!) she then has another go and gets it again!! (400 tickets coming vivs way!)

We gave all of the tickets that we won to georgia and she got a big teddy!! I hope you had a lovley birthday and liked all of your presents Georgia!!

Also it’s Easter on the weekend and I would love to know what you are doing!

And… Last week was anti-bulling week! I think that’s what it’s called anyways!! And I just wanted to quickly say, don’t let anyone pressure or make you do something you don’t want to do! Stand up for yourself, because YOU ARE WORTH IT!! Keep that with you this week. I hope you are having a lovley week at school!

Happy easter!!

until next time lovelies,

ella XX


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