Let’s talk about, school!

Hello again!!

Firstly I just wanted to say a massive thank you to everyone who left lovley comments on the blog, and my Instagram! 

So it’s getting to that time of term when there’s assignments upon assignments, and then there’s exams. It’s not as if I don’t already have anxiety and to then put exam pressure in top of that, boy oh boy, how do we cope?

Recently I have been feeling like all the girls at my school are coming so much closer, and whether that’s because we all shared our life stories, or we just about all sit together, I’m liking it.

Below I have decided to share some of my study tips and tricks, even though we all know that we should sometimes do more study than we feel like.

  1. Revise

OK, some people may say, gee Ella that’s not rocket science. I’ve decided to give myself a treat every time I do an hours study. It feels a little bit like I’m back in primary school, but trust me it helps.

2. Bribes

Don’t bribe yourself with iPhone or Samsung time, this is going to make you just want to spend more and more time on YouTube and Instagram, and less time on the books, and I know that when you see a text from a friend, for us girls, that’s a big deal! And while we are only in year 9 this is setting us up for high school.

3. Do the harder questions first

But Ella, you do a test from page 1 to page 101 sometimes it will feel like. But the harder questions are the ones you get marked harder on and you have probably studied for the stuff on the harder questions that 1+3.

So those are my top tips. Feel free to leave me some of your handy hints in the comments and make sure to subscribe and share this post to all of your friends.

until next time lovlies,

ella XX


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