Hello, world!

Hello everybody!!

My name is Ella Rose and today I have decided to start a blog!

Why Ella, I hear you ask? Well you know when you just want to let out and spill everything that you just want to explode? That’s how I’m feeling. I have so many thoughts, ideas and happy things to tell you.

I will know some of you from school and you will know that Rose isn’t my true last name, but for private reasons I will not be sharing my last name on this blog.

I have tried to write diaries. I told myslef that diaries are much more secretive and it will make me look back on what I have accomplished in for, but I think I will put it on a blog instead!

So until we all become princesses and princes and live in a castle. I’m gonna keep it real on here.

Im going to say what I want to say, and I think that it would be cool to be able to look back on a blog and see where we have all come. This can be our corner of the Internet, where we can talk about anything and everything.

Ok, well I guess that’s all I want to ramble on about for today, Thankyou for reading my blog, if anyone is actually reading!! Also let me know what you think in the comments below :).

until next time lovelies,

ella XX


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